About me…

In the beginning…

So, you may ask, “Who is this dweeb?” Or, alternatively, “I wonder if I should spend the time (and make the effort..) to read this?” Both of these being rhetorical questions of course, don’t require an answer. Yet here I am trying to make sense of them and provide enough stimulus to generate some interest in what I have to say. Why would I do that? The simple answer is, “Because I want to do so.” In reality, of course, it goes deeper than that. I find myself in the somewhat unusual position of having sufficient time to write this blog, which in the past has not been the case. Being somewhat more “experienced” in life than some folks (and becoming more so as the eternal minutes count down..), I continue to look for a creative outlet that will allow me to infuse my personal space with thought-provoking commentary. This in turn will improve cognition (mine for certain, and I hope you can gain something as well..) as well as stave off senility, incompetence, and general overall decline. Having said all of that, and not wishing to alienate good folks nor be seen as trying to placate the masses, I will continue no further with this line of thought. Instead, I will turn to a more factual accounting of a few items which are probably not fascinating, but may have some bearing on this blog.

The middle ground…

Here are my solid plans for the blog……………………..(insert here–strolling, bobbing and weaving, tap dancing, whistling….)

That’s right I don’t have any. I do, however, have some ideas. I would like the blog to be representative of me…..My thoughts, my beliefs, my passions. So, there will be posts about me and my life. There will be posts about my passions like reading and cooking, writing and cooking, and reading and writing. There will be posts about the outdoors, and the political winds, and the joys and emotions of giving and helping others……You get the idea. Almost any topic at any time. I expect some of the posts will be tagged as “Long Reads” ….maybe most of them. After all, that’s what a blog is…..writing. I know everyone will argue with that…. 🙂 and that is okay with me. I appreciate the work everyone puts in on their own blogs. I visit them, “like” them, and comment on them. This one is mine.

The end game…

I want to say thank you, right here, right now. I know there are a lot of blogs out there. This is just one among many. If you find yourself on these pages intentionally, or by accident, tell me about it. If you like what is here, tell me about it. If not, tell me that as well. I wear big-boy britches. I can handle it…….So, Thank You! For your likes, comments, disagreements….Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and find the blog interesting and thought provoking……



28 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hi Howard, I just completed a post on your open letter to me (written one year ago). Please let me know that you are ok…. it’s been four months since I last heard from you. Lots of love, DC

    • D.C.!!! WOW!! Thank you so much for commenting here! And on the other ‘open letter’ too. My writing here is sort of by happenstance…..or how I am feeling at a particular moment. It takes a little time to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis. In any event, I have written to you (email..) again this evening……It must be early morning over there!! I will do better, I promise!

    • Hi again Ralph!! Sorry I have been neglecting my blog somewhat. AND…truly sorry I have missed out on some wonderful communication from you (and others..). I promise to try to do better. Maybe I should just say “I will do better..”. Afterall, I think it was the one and only (and very wise..) Yoda, who said: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Or something like that..!!

      • Hi Howard. Neglecting ?? Your blog is embalmed and in the science museum !! You are welcome to extract it, blow off the dust and write. Come over, visit and fill up my comment area with your normal post of a comment. See you around. Ralph 😀

  2. Howard, darling, it’s been awhile. I have been dreadfully negligent of my blog (which is just SHOCKING), and am considering inviting in some guest writers to help spice things up a bit while I get back into the swing of things. Would you be at all interested, dear?

    • Thank you so much for the honor.!! I will happily participate. Although I am not certain about the reason for a lot of awards, I AM certain about the thought and people behind them.
      Thank you again.!!

    • Ralph….Maybe a long comment here. First to your question…BTW = By The Way and ROTFL..MAO = the obvious plus My Ass Off 🙂
      Just came back from your blog and have to admit spent a long time there. Had to read both blogs and most of the comments. Your Bluefish blog is really great!! Your stories are so “spot on.” I worked in college administration for ten years…you cannot imagine how difficult it is to make students understand how to write effectively. I preached and cajoled (mostly without success..) about writing the way you speak…Just tell the story like you were holding a conversation. It may not be conventional wisdom, but at least they are able to write a coherent sentence. If only I had your blog to show them!! Wonderful stories and truly captivating.
      Good luck with your hospital referral next week. I wish you well. I will continue to follow what you write. Thanks again for reading.
      Be well,

    • Hello there..!! Thanks for stopping by. That mixedupmeme is really mixed up.!!! She is so crazy and so wonderful at the same time.!! I will be heading over to your blog to see what I can learn there.!! Thanks for reading too. 🙂

  3. Hi Howard,
    I like it! You write warmly and sincerely and have sense of humour that laces this post -:)!
    Keep it Up

    • Ms. Daniela….Thank you for your kind words! And thank you also for taking the time to comment. I find the comments particularly helpful because they are my primary source of new blogs to read. Please allow me to say that your blog has one of the most organized front ends that I have seen. Really easy to read and navigate! I definitely will return there. Thanks again.!!
      Be well…

    • Ah, right you are….One post coming today, probably one tomorrow. Can’t rush these things you know. I will seldom post on the weekend. I try to write a little, and think a little, ——which at my advanced age is becoming increasingly difficult…..

      • I forgot! You are a Thoughtful poster. If I were to sit and think about what I am going to post……well the result would be exactly the same. So best to leave the thinking part to you.

        I am seeing in your blog/design the new comments are at the top. I like that better than their being at the bottom. I wonder how it is done.

        NO! NO! Don’t give it a thought. 🙂

        • Go to “Dashboard”
          Left hand column at bottom select “Settings”
          Select “Discussion”
          2nd topic on that page “Other comment settings”
          Bottom line in that topic “comments should be displayed…” select “newer”
          SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM OF PAGE…click on “Save Changes”

          That is all….:-)


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