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I saw this article earlier today and decided to grab it with the “Press This” app. This is one of those things that make you stop reading with a  “did I read that right..??” and go back and re-read more carefully just to be certain. It so happens that I did read it right……and I still can’t believe it. This is an example of what is wrong with our health care system here in the U.S.  I am not going to make this about politics. We are all certainly aware of the political turmoil, strife, innuendo, etc. that is flowing freely from both donkeys and elephants. Your own political bent aside…can you imagine what this would feel like if you were the patient? Sort of a giant sucker punch to the old solar plexus wouldn’t you say..???

I have to ask…Was the patient aware of this before the procedure? She claims not… Was the patient in grave, imminent danger??  Hmmm, I didn’t think scorpions in the U.S. were usually considered to be dangerous to humans. One of the sources I looked up claims no one has died of a scorpion sting in the U.S. in more than twenty years. Yes, I know that people die from scorpion stings occasionally. World wide, it happens many times every year. There are several species that are quite large and dangerous. Thankfully they live in Africa and other regions far away from the U.S.. Yes, there are one or two species in the U.S. that have the potential to be dangerous to humans, and one of them actually lives in Arizona. So, it COULD happen. But people also die from spiders, bees, wasps, and of course snakes…..and a lot more frequently than once every twenty years!!!

In any event the following is a “Press This” share from CenturyLink and the Associated Press. Take a few minutes, read it, and tell me what you think. The full text of the article is at the link at the bottom.

Phoenix (AP) — An Arizona woman is wondering what hurt more: getting stung by a scorpion or seeing her hospital bill after treatment. Marcie Edmonds says the bill from Chandler Regional Medical Center was more than $83,000. That includes two doses of anti-venom at nearly $40,000 per dose. The Arizona Republic ( says Edmonds’ insurer has paid more than $57,000 and the suburban Phoenix hospital is asking Edmonds for the balance of about $25,000.

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