Fellow readers and writers. I have re-blogged this because it is an example of a profession of belief. We all do not need to believe in the same thing, but we all need to believe in something. Thanks to ladybluerose for this inspirational message. May Christmas be a wonderful healing time in your life….Be well, Howard.


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    • I agree. That is why I re-blogged it. I also happen to believe that ladybluerose is a wonderful lady with a true penchant for humanity. I don’t know why I feel that way because I don’t know her, but….. In any event, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time……BTW..I stopped by your blog too. I am fascinated by those who can create a blog with a singular purpose (like yours..). I am not certain that I could do it….maybe I could…maybe, but it would be tough. Anyway, congratulations on a nicely done blog!! I know it is pointed toward women, but I do enjoy what you have to say. I will be back.
      Thanks again….Howard

      • Thanks. Sometimes it almost makes it easier to have a more focused topic. And, it’s one that I’m passionate about, so that helps too. It does seem like it’s catered more to women, however, I talk with a lot of men about this and I do have some male followers. I’m really just trying to bring awareness to the subject and more women tend to be interested (and maybe victims of this “cultural obsession” toward weddings/marriage.) In any event, thanks for stopping by. I also checked out ladybluerose as well. I too, will swing back by again in the future.

  1. I was responding to “We all do not need to believe in the same thing, but we all need to believe in something,” which I take to be your belief. Many people who believe in a supernatural being regard those who believe in a different supernatural being as inferior or downright evil. But people of all faiths will band together against those of no faith at all. Hence my question to you, as a reasonable man. I can find no reason to believe that we all need to believe in something supernatural, and I was wondering why you do. Don’t you think it’s an interesting question?

    • “Interesting”???, you ask. Yes, the question is interesting and perhaps requires a response. The problem becomes one of sharing a philosophical discussion in the comments section of my blog. I just don’t think it is the correct venue. I have tried to welcome here everyone who is interested. I don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome or alienated by a complex discussion on a volatile subject such as politics or religion. There are many blogs in this sphere where authors post regularly on a particular bent or with almost vitriolic monotony. Those blogs tend to attract readers of like mind. I do not wish my blog to become one of those, so typically I choose to avoid subjects like this where it serves no greater purpose. You are correct though, it would be an interesting discussion.

    • Poet…..let’s be clear. I welcome courteous discourse and I certainly am not “uncomfortable” discussing this subject or any other on which I have something to say. You most certainly have been courteous, and I thank you for that. My reasons for not pursuing this line of commentary on this blog are my own. You have correctly observed that any comments of mine here are subject to review by all readers and do indeed invite rebuttal. I encourage that interaction. However, I believe that I have responded to your comments succinctly and on point. Any further discussion HERE would be redundant and pointless. If, however, you think it worthwhile, I would certainly be willing to discuss it further in a different venue.

    • Interesting. Are you saying that individuals, peoples, cultures should not have a belief structure?? While I am prepared to debate the validity of that, it would seem more appropriate to confine my comments to the context of my original statement. BTW…I don’t necessarily disagree with your common humanity–morality statement but I am not prepared to judge morality. It is a fool’s errand. With respect to my statement “we all need to believe in something,” I will only say that we (as individuals…) are all part of a larger society (your “humanity”…). That larger society is further broken down into cultures as diverse as the peoples who make them up. Each of these cultures have their own belief structures. Note here that I am not contending that one particular culture or a particular belief structure is dominant or in any way better or more preferable than another…..just that they exist, and that there are differences. Philosophically speaking, everyone belongs to a group. There is no one alive so differentiated as to be statistically singular. And within all groups there are certain beliefs, many of which cross cultural boundaries. Setting aside political and religious beliefs, there are still many facets of our sociological existence that provide that structure. In this case, I was merely commenting on ladybluerose’s ability to speak to her belief, and my hope for everyone to be able to define and articulate their own beliefs as effectively as she did. If you fall from the roof of your house, the result will demand that you believe in the force of gravity. The same can be said for many other physical laws and principles. If you choose to raise a child, you should try to instill in that miniature person the belief in right and wrong. Society demands many things of us. Belief structures are one of them.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Everyone is free to believe as they wish, except in countries or state religions where they’re not. I am merely questioning your assertion that everyone has to believe in a religion.

      • @poet….You misunderstand….or I have not made myself clear. I do not intend to make this blog a declarative on religion. While our personal beliefs with respect to religion (and politics, and…) will usually show through, I am making no statement here about those beliefs. I was merely commenting on this author’s ability to articulate her thoughts and beliefs. That ability is what makes a blog readable…Yes?? If everyone could define themselves and write that effectively, there would be many more interesting blogs in this space. In any event, I encourage discourse and well-reasoned commentary. As my blog tagline says, “a reasoned response from a reasonable mind…” Thank you for helping to keep it reasonable. Your comments are always welcome here.

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