A Stethoscope…???

Thoughtful Readers….

Some of you may have seen this…It has been around the web a little for the last few weeks. An interesting example of getting a message across many boundaries. You don’t have to agree with the sentiment to understand and appreciate the media and the production.

Anyway, it’s an interesting production. Watch it until the end! See if you can guess what is being “advertised” before you get to the end. You probably will be surprised—I was.!!

via A ad about a Stethoscope.


6 thoughts on “A Stethoscope…???

  1. Hi Howard! Nice to see you back. I watched and watched and I just knew what was being advertised. Hearing aids.
    Every week I must get 3 or 4 mail ads inviting me to a free dinner and (sales pitch) about hearing aids. Never have gone. Do you think if I partake they will quit sending the ads?

    • No!! Don’t do it.!!
      If you even so much as look at them with hooded eyes, they take it as encouragement. It will spawn additional attempts. And they collaborate—with each other!! If one of them renders your defenses, the others pile into the fray with outstretched talons, ripping and tearing until there is nothing left. You will never escape…….
      It is funny though….It seems like they think that anyone over the age of thirty is fair game….How do they know..?? Maybe we bring it on ourselves. But I have surprises for them….Oh yes. Two can play at that game.!!

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