Returned From Break…

Thoughtful Readers….

In all of our lives there comes a time when “things” seem to get in the way of what we perceive as normal routines. The past weeks have been one of those times. It is not necessary or even important to relate the events, but it seems somewhat important to acknowledge the fact that it occured. So that is what I am doing.

While writing this blog, and reading many others, I have been struck by the number of authors who have run into similar constraints on their time and been forced to slow down or stop writing for a period of time. Invariably, they post an “apology” of some sort when they return, relating an event or incident or series of them that required their attention somewhere other than on the pages of their blog. Some of the stories are quite interesting and sometimes I find myself relating situationally to them. In my case however, nothing in particular strikes me as noteworthy, so I will just say that my family and personal issues contributed to a “slow-down” in writing. Most of those issues have been resolved and things have returned to normal (well….almost..).

In any event, I expect that my blog will return to a more normal routine over the next couple of weeks. And, I hope that you continue to find something worthwhile in these pages.

Be well…



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