Post Script….

Thoughtful Reader

For those who read the blog post about my dessert adventure in “Indoor Sports or “What to do when it’s raining…” Vol. 1, this is the ending.

I left all of you with the opportunity to jump up and down on my foolishness. To your credit, you were nice about it. No one said anything ugly about my parentage, or laughed in my face (although I deserved a little ridicule..).

If you remember, I was trying to hasten the preparation of a desert sauce to be used as an ice cream topping. I started with the slightly softened peach in the bottom of a bowl, topped with French Vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with the sauce.

Photo courtesy of DAXTER at

This is what the topping sauce was supposed to look like—-well, at least something very close to this. A little bit lighter in color and a little clearer, but essentially like this.
Topping Sauce
This is what I ended up with. This is what happens when you cook sugar too long or to a high temperature. I could have avoided this by using my candy thermometer. Instead, I chose to visually watch sheeting on the spoon and counted on the bourbon to halt or slow down this process……Which it did…partially.
The topping ended up tasting wonderful and looking beautiful, but it was much too thick for a topping. At least it did not harden off like brittle.!!! The lesson to be learned here (or reinforced..) is to always think about the relationships between ingredients….Oh, and watch those temperatures!!!



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