A Reasonable Blog…..

To all those who visit here–Welcome!!

It is my sincere hope that everyone who takes the time to visit will read a little before passing by. Below this “sticky” you will find the most current entries. I hope you find the writing here interesting and enlightening.

Thanks for stopping by…!!


8 thoughts on “A Reasonable Blog…..

  1. Hi Howard my fairly new friend,
    I want you to know that I like your blog, and I like the comments you leave around on the blogs of others!! Please accept this award as my sincere compliment, and enjoy it for what it means to you. If you want to pass it to another versatile blogger, you can check out the rules that I received here http://wp.me/p2jC53-160. Thanks for being part of my blogging life. 🙂 Marsha Lee

  2. Thanks again for the positive input. I wondered about the calendar….Now, I understand how it could be helpful.!! I think I will add it. Thanks for the suggestion.!
    Be well…

  3. I am now caught up with what you have written. Glad I can start at the beginning. So many blogs feel like you are coming into the middle of a movie and will never understand what is happening. It is difficult to start at the beginning on older blogs. It still seems confusing reading from bottom to top.
    I don’t know if it was difficult for you to tell a bit of your life story or not. For some I think it might be. Sometimes when we hear life stories that have much sorrow or unpleasantness, we feel the author is wanting sympathy etc. I am very sure this is not the case with you. I feel you needed to tell us certain things so we might better understand your future posts. You have told us where you are coming from.

    A side note on the side bar. Someone suggested to me to put the calendar there. I see you don’t have one. I didn’t know why it would be useful. Then I saw that the days were highlighted and one could read just what was posted on a certain day. Seems easy and simple.

    It was only recently that I learned what KISS meant. You probably already know: Keep It Simple Stupid.

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